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Letol Organic Cotton Scarves

Intricately patterned and sumptuously textured, Jacquard fabric has a luxurious quality that is hard to beat. Thanks to Joseph-Marie Jacquard’s ground-breaking innovation, Jacquard fabrics are now an accessible and enjoyable part of our everyday lives, encapsulating a luxury of ancient times for a fraction of the cost.

Létol keeps alive the tradition with a collection of organic cotton scarves designed, dyed, woven and manufactured ethically in France. Each component is traceable through the entire production chain and we only use GOTS certified colors (nontoxic) to dye our yarn. Our final wash, with eco-friendly and hypoallergenic emollients, softens cotton fibers to enhance their thermo-regulating properties, so we can wear Létol scarves all seasons. Létol has obtained an ‘A’ certification for its low environmental impact and eco-responsible business model. Létol is 100% made in France and certified OFG (Origine France Garantie) and ‘France Terre Textile’.

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